The Company

RQ8 Technologies is headquartered in Dubai with manufacturing facilities in North America, sales and marketing office in South Africa.
The company specializes in IT hardware, consumables, printing solutions as well as related services. It covers markets across the Middle East and Africa. TONEX™ is the flagship product of the company. RQ8 Technologies is backed by a group of companies and investors. The group has a solid financial background and a history of doing business in the Middle East that dates back to the 1970s.

The group’s portfolio of companies is very diversified and active in many industries. The activities range from:

  • Distribution and supply of high-end glassware and cutlery across Middle East
  • Manufacturing, distribution & retailing of bedding products across Europe, Middle East and Africa
  • Long-term commercial real estate investments in the UAE
  • Digital production and the industry leader in live shoot plus animation
  • Marine - Yachting
  • Information Technology

Our relentless customer commitment is based on our principal philosophy that “the customer always comes first”. Every member of the organization is focused on ensuring our customers have an outstanding experience. We are committed to remain flexible and responsive to our customer needs and constantly challenge ourselves to bring value to our partnership.